HEM Sporting Club of Baia Mare city, in collaboration with Town Hall of BAIUT , invites you during the period 3th-5th of JULY, in BAIUT locality POPAS POP from  STRAMBU-BAIUT , Maramureș county, to participate to the 5 edition of the competition HARD ENDURO MARAMUREȘ, which is performed under the aegis of FRM (the Romanian Motorcycling Federation) an which is a part of the REGIONAL Championship from the North of Romania and where competitors from the European Union gather as well.
Like any sporting competition, HARD ENDURO MARAMUREȘ has particular regulations; lack of knowledge of those regulations does not exempt anyone of responsibility and of the possible consequences.

All participants and persons who are involved in the organization and performance of the HARD ENDURO MARAMURES competition are bound to know and comply with the present regulations.
The organizer may refuse enrolment in the competition or may eliminate during the competition any competitor who:
does not comply with these regulations;
has an aggressive/non-sporting attitude;
disturbs the progress of the competition;
creates an unpleasant and / or tense atmosphere.

Organizer: Ponde Marius in partnership with HEM SPORTING CLUB and BAIUT Town Hall under the aegis of the Romanian Motorcycling Federation
Period: July 3 th Prologue / July 4 th Race /July 5 th Race

The contest takes place during 3 days (first day prologue + race 2 days), the times at the prologue from the first day shall establish the start ranking for the race of the second day. The riders who do not participate to the prologue will start in the second day, after the last competitor, who has times from the prologue from the first day.

The prologue will take place in the private area and extends on a surface of 1 km long with artificial obstacles and forest areas. The START in the prologue will take place as it follows: 2 riders at the same time depending on how they registered with the registration sheet, each will be individually .

Women Class will start according to the registration list
The race from the second day will include the track of the prologue!
Each day (Prologue and Race) will be awarded prizes!
Participation fee: 350 RON
The registrations can be made by a registration sheet, and the payment confirmation will be sent by e-mail at address Pondemarius@gmail.com or by private message on Facebook Ponde Marius (Hard Enduro Maramures)
**The fee of 350 Ron shall apply in case of online registrations until 12th of July 2020 and payment by bank transfer, after this date, the fee will be of 450 Ron.**
At the reception office of the contest will be carried out the following: registration, technical meeting, display of results, submission and settlement of contestations, award ceremony.

GPS: latitude 47.594, longitude 23,979
Facebook Ponde Marius (Hard Enduro Maramures)
Contact: +40745 876 878 or +40735 643 543 – Marius

Thursday 3 th of July
18:00 h- 21:00 h – registration+ technical inspection+ medical certificate (in order to avoid the congestion on Friday 4 th of July)

Friday 4 th of July : Prologue
08:00 h – 12:30 h – registration at the reception office + medical certificate
08:00 h – 13:00 h – technical inspection
14:10 h – 14:25 h – briefing
14:30 h – departure in the Start prologue area
14:45 h – preparing the Start
20:00 h – Prologue Award Ceremony + Results

Saturday 4 th of July : RACE 1 days

08:00 h – 08:50 h registration for those who arrived later
09:00 h – briefing
09:15 h – start line-up
09:30 h – START OF RACE
17:00 h – route closer
18:00 h – FINISH
20:00 h – RESULT

Sunday 5 th of July : RACE 2 days
09:00 h – briefing
10:00 h – START  RACE 2 days
14:00 h – route closer
14:30 h – FINISH RACE 2 days

The route will be fully marked for all A, B, C classes with KTM ribbon and guidance signs.
Class A and B – orange KTM ribbon + specific guidance signs for classes A and B
Class C – IPONE ribbon (loops) + KTM ribbon + specific guidance signs for class C

The forest roads, paths not intended for the race will be closed with “YELLOW AND BLACK” &WHITE  tape. In hazardous areas, along with the KTM tape there will appear the “RED AND WHITE tape=hazardous area” in order to increase attention and reduce speed!

The route will cross the public road in three spots; there, all competitors are required to cross the street ALONGSIDE THEIR MOTORCYCLE, and they must reduce speed before CP, in advance.
The street crossing area will be delimited using WHITE AND RED ribbon and there will be CPs where there will be referees for routing;

All referees will be wearing green reflective vests, and route referees will be wearing pink reflective vests.

Throughout the competition, participants will observe the indications of all route referees (pink vest) as CP referees (green vest).
Total referees: 34 (2×12 / CP and 10 /on the ROUTE)

The competition numbers are provided by the organizer:
Class A: yellow background, black numbers, length: 62 km + (10 CP)
Class B: white background, black numbers, length: 60 km + (8 CP)
Class C: red background, black numbers, length: 50 km + (8 CP)
The Veteran: class rides on the route of class B;
Women class: rides on the route of class C;

In order to form the veterans class and women class a minimum of 3 competitors is required.
*Throughout the competition the contestants are not allowed to go in the opposite direction on the route.

*All race participants who failed to finish up any climb are obliged, if turning back to repeat the climb, to descend ALONGSIDE THEIR MOTORCYCLES on any side of the ascents, with the obligation to allow free climbing passage to any other competitor!

Reception office:
– registration sheet + participation fee (or receipt) ONLINE www.hardenduromaramures.ro
– FRM license:  50 ron= 11 euro  ONLINE  FRM
– insurance:  125 ron= 25 euro  ONLINE FRM
– medical certificate: 50 ron= 11 euro
– technical inspection of motorcycles;
– notarized approval from both parents for those who are minors.

Any motorcycle in 2 or 4-strokes, enduro and cross, registered or non-registered, receiving technical inspection, are allowed to take part in the competition. The organizer shall not accept motorcycles with technical malfunctions or oil or fuel leaks or damaged silencer.

During technical inspection, competitors will appear with the motorcycle and helmet.
*Throughout the competition, contestants are required to wear the appropriate protective gear: helmet, boots, body protection, hands and feet protection.

*All contestants have to stop the wheel in front of the CP referee, where the chips will be scanned and they will be marked.
After technical inspection, the motorcycles will be introduced in the park, fueled, where they will stay until the start of the prologue. After the prologue is finished please carry out a technical inspection of the engine, fill up the fuel tank and take the engine to the hardstand where the security firm will take up your engine.
The takeover of engines by the security firm in the hardstand will take place on Friday, July 3 th, between 20:00-22:00 h and after 22:00 h the hardstand closes until Saturday, July 4 th, at 08:00 h.

Saturday, July 5 th at 09:00 h, all motorcycles will be in the hardstand, and from there the motorcycles shall exit for starting line.

Saturday, July 4 th, between 20:00-22:00 h and after 22:00 h the hardstand closes until Sunday, July 5 th, at 08:00 h.

Sunday, July 5 th at 09:00 h, all motorcycles will be in the hardstand, and from there the motorcycles shall exit for starting line

*Any accident or event on route shall be communicated to the nearest CP.
*All competitors who abandon or withdraw from the race are obliged to announce it at the reception office.
*All competitors are required to comply with the traffic rules on public roads.
*All participants to the competition are obliged to take safety measures to prevent own injury, injury of other participants, officials, audience, third parties, domestic or wild animals, other vehicles, public and private property.
*If a competitor sees another competitor injured, he must ensure that the integrity of the injured competitor is not in danger and immediately notify the manager of the competition or the nearest CP.
*During the race there will be a refuelling of the motorcycle, which will be done with the ENGINE SWITCHED OFF in the area created for this purpose.
PENALTY: 1 CP = one hour

Saturday, july 4th:
At 19:00 h closing time of the race (on Saturday, July 4 th ) all competitors who are on route will be directed by CP referees towards the nearest route to the FINISH area.

Sunday, july 5 th:

At 14:30 h closing time of the race (on Sunday, July 5 th ) all competitors who are on route will be directed by CP referees towards the nearest route to the FINISH area.
Taking into consideration the experience arrived from other races, we kindly ask the riders to register since Thursday in order to avoid the overcrowding on Friday.

Thank you for your understanding and we expect you at the competition!

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